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Message from the President

Toshio Ono, Representative Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors / Toshiaki Nomura, Representative Director & President

Society today is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and now presents a more sophisticated, diverse set of needs.

Against this backdrop, we are implementing our Medium-term Management Plan (FY3/19 - FY3/21) under the basic policy of gachieving growth through innovation.h As part of this move, we are promoting various measures based on three pillars, namely gEnhance and strengthen the construction business,h gDiversify the earnings base,h and gStrengthen ESG measures.h Under the keyword of innovation, we are staying one step ahead of changes in the environment by creating new concepts, applying flexible thinking, and taking bold action, as well as tackling the challenge of solving problems within society and creating new value through craftsmanship.

Most importantly, however, we will continue to place the utmost emphasis on safety and quality, and to further polish the field and technical capabilities that we have acquired thus far. In this way, we are contributing to realizing a rich social environment in which people can live in safety, security, and comfort, while aiming to be a company that continues to earn the trust of and develop along with society into the future.

As we work toward achieving our established goals, we ask for your ongoing support and understanding.

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