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Message from the President

Toshio Ono, Representative Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors / Toshiaki Nomura, Representative Director & President

HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATIONfs Corporate Philosophy is built on three core principles. Guided by this philosophy, we shall:

  1. contribute to enhancing society by construction,
  2. pursue customer satisfaction with reliable technologies and passion, and
  3. realize a prosperous future by creating new values.

Societyfs needs and values have evolved at an unprecedented pace in recent years, while becoming more sophisticated and diverse. For these very reasons, we recognize the importance of steadfastly abiding by our Corporate Philosophy while keeping our feet planted firmly on the ground.

Harnessing the strengths of its reliable technologies and passion to create new ideas through flexible thinking, the HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION Group will take bold action to develop innovative solutions. At the same time, the Group will bolster its environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives while working diligently to garner the trust of society going forward.

Looking ahead, we will continue to place the utmost emphasis on safety and quality as a company that is defined by the craftsmanship of its construction activities. We will contribute to realizing a prosperous society in which people can live in security and comfort while endeavoring to secure mutual development and growth.

As we work toward achieving our established goals, we ask for your ongoing support and understanding.

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