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Message from the President

Toshio Ono, Representative Director & Chairman of the Board of Directors / Toshiaki Nomura, Representative Director & President

ANDO Corporation and HAZAMA CORPORATION merged on April 1, 2013, making a new start as HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION. The goal of this merger is to ensure sustainable growth for both companies in the severe business climate currently confronting the construction industry.

In addition to expanding our business and achieving greater management efficiency, we see the merger as an opportunity to bring together the established complementary performance of ANDO Corporation with its strength in building construction, and HAZAMA CORPORATION, with its strong reputation in civil engineering. With the synergies we will demonstrate in technical prowess, sales strength, and cost competiveness, we are convinced that this will result in a stronger business base and greater growth and development.

Our new company, HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION, will strive to become an excellent corporation in the eyes of our stakeholders. We will live up to everyone's expectations with reliable technologies and passion, and will contribute to advancing society through craftsmanship. Without being satisfied by the status quo, we will constantly seek to create new value, with the goal of attaining a prosperous future by dynamically elevating our corporate value.

With the strengths of our two companies joined together, making full use of our respective advantages and creating an even greater union of people and technology, we will devote our efforts to being a company that exceeds expectations in generating new value, and a company that is both required and preferred by future generations.

We are grateful for your continuing support as we embark on this new journey.

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