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Terms of Use

Concerning use of this website

This website is maintained and operated by HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION (hereafter "the Company"). By visiting and using this website, the user agrees to the following Terms of Use. Please note that the Company reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use without notice at any time. The user is therefore requested to confirm the latest version of the Terms of Use prior to using this website.


All information, content, trademarks, logos, and other such items included on this website are protected by the Copyright Act and other relevant laws. As a rule, these copyrights and other such intellectual property belong to the Company or to the copyright holder. Accordingly, their reproduction, diversion, or alteration without the consent of the copyright holder is prohibited.


Although the Company takes great care when posting information on this website, it makes no guarantees regarding the accuracy, credibility, or security of its content. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any damage caused to the user as a result of use of this website.


Websites maintained by third parties that provide links from or to this website are not managed by the Company. The Company accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever regarding the content of third-party websites or for any damage resulting from the use of such websites. If you wish to provide a link to this website, please contact the Company beforehand and provide the link only after receiving permission from the Company. You are asked to ensure that your link points to this website's top page (https://www.ad-hzm.co.jp/).

Governing law and court with jurisdiction

Unless otherwise provided for, the laws of Japan shall govern the use of this website as well as the interpretation and application of these Terms of Use. Unless otherwise provided for, any and all disputes in relation to this website shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court as the court of first instance.

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