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Corporate Profile

Head Office 6-1-20, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8658, JapanMAP
Business Field
  1. P. Civil engineering, building construction, and other construction work surveys, measurements, planning, designing, execution, supervising, technical guidance contracts, commissioning, and consulting work [consulting services]);
  2. Q. Provision of construction supplies, machinery, and appliances;
  3. R. Real estate transactions and the ownership and use of real property and securities;
  4. S. Soil survey and purification work contracts, business involving the collection, handling, and disposal of waste, and consulting work [consulting services] relating to such business;
  5. T. Planning, designing, and consulting work (consulting services) relating to area development, urban development, environmental improvements, etc.;
  6. U. Power generation, electricity, thermal, and other energy supply business, and consulting work [consulting services] relating to such business;
  7. V. Investment in real-estate special purpose companies involving building construction contracts, the purchase and sale of equity interests therein, and the ownership and sale of trust beneficiary rights;
  8. W. Acquisition, development, licensing, and sale of software, industrial property rights, and know-how relating to the use of computers;
  9. X. Building Maintenance and Security Services;
  10. 10. Business incidental to each of the preceding items;
  11. 11. Joint management with others of each of the aforementioned business and investment in other business.
Capital ¥17,006,123,275 (As of March 31,2020)
Number of Employees 3,456 (As of April 1,2021)

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