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Corporate Report 2021 English Version Now Available


HAZAMA ANDO CORPORATION every year publishes a Corporate Report as a tool for communicating with our stakeholders. To enhance disclosure for international stakeholders, we have released an English-language version of Corporate Report 2021.

Corporate Report 2021 is an integrated report consisting of financial information, such as on Hazama Andofs Civil Engineering and Building Construction businesses, as well as non-financial information, such as on our CSR activities. The Report provides a brief introduction of the Groupfs management strategies for continuing to create value to address social issues, and offers highlights of results for the fiscal year ended March 2021. It also elaborates on the progress of Hazama Ando VISION2030 and the Medium-Term Management Plan.

The English-language version of the Groupfs Sustainability Report 2021, which brings together detailed non-financial information, is scheduled for release around February 2022.

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